FAQs about our Wedding Video Services

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 Can We Choose Our Own Music?

Yes. We recommend that couples give us around 6 songs that they really love. That gives us plenty of music to play around with and use at our discretion. This way we are using music that you like, but it doesn’t hinder our creativity.  We will arrange to get your music copyright cleared for use.*

Do You Film All Types Of Ceremonies?

Asian Wedding video servicesYes! We love to film all wedding genres.  Church, Wedding Venues, Chinese, Greek, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Henna Ceremonies, Civil Partnerships etc..you name it we love to do it.

Can We Meet Before The Wedding?

Of course.  Whenever possible we will meet you before the wedding face to face.  It’s important that we like and trust each other.  We want to put everyone at ease with each other, which in turn creates a natural beautiful film.*

Will you get in the way?

Not at all.  Our style is to stay well in the background and use long lenses so that we remain unobtrusive.  We don’t organise formal groups or anything like that in the way that a photographer might do.

How long do you stay for?

Wedding video first danceWe normally start recording your wedding video about an hour before the ceremony, and we stay with you right through until your first dance and beyond.*

Do we need to provide food for you?

You don’t need to.  If you would like to do it, that would be very kind, and much appreciated, thank you; but we realise that some venues will charge you the guest rate in order to feed us, and we don’t expect that.  Just so long as we know so that we can make our own arrangements. And thank you for asking.

Our Wedding Is In The Night, Do You Use Lights?

We try wherever possible not to use lights  as it can spoil the ambiance of the venue and guests can feel uncomfortable; but if the venue is extremely dark, well needs must, but we try to be really discrete about it. Our modern cameras work well in low light levels.

How Long In Advance Should We Book You?

Please book us soon as you have a confirmed  date. We only take on a limited number of wedding video commissions every season to ensure we can maintain our great customer service levels. During the summer months we get numerous inquiries for the most popular dates. Most of our weddings are booked at least a year in advance.

How Much Is The Deposit?

We take a non-refundable deposit of £100 to secure the booking. The final payment is due 3 weeks prior to the wedding.  We do not consider the date booked with us until the deposit is paid and a booking form signed.

Safeguard Your Film

DVDs are not the most reliable format for long term storage.  If you would like to make sure that your film stays safe for years to come we are able to safeguard your finished film on a high quality USB memory Drive  (Please enquire for more details and additional cost).  We will store your film project on a hard drive anyway for a few years, but again, hard drive reliability can’t be guaranteed.

How Far will you travel?

We’ll travel anywhere in the world to film your wedding ….. but of course there’s a cost involved.  For UK travel costs. click here to go to our travel page.  For overseas costs, please call us now for a personal, no obligation quotation on 01948 780114, or email us at chris.smith@videoactive.co.uk.  If we can combine the trip with a travel opportunity, it may not cost you as much as you think !

What’s it going to cost us?

Well we don’t try to be the cheapest out there, but then you wouldn’t expect that from a company for whom quality and reliability are everything.  But we are exceptionally good value for money.  Pick up the phone and call us now for a personal, no obligation quotation on 01948 780114, or email us at chris.smith@videoactive.co.uk.  Remember to include the wedding date and the town or city where you’ll be getting married in your enquiry.

Items marked with a * are not available with our Pay-As-You-Go option

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