Cinematic Wedding Videos

Our Cinematic Wedding Video is a new product for 2018.  We’ve introduced it to meet the customer demand for shorter, more creative videos that tell a unique story about you, the wedding couple, on your wedding day.  So every video is different.  Our creative, moving camera work creates the feeling of a full cinema experience, capturing all the highlights, the laughter, the fun, the romance and yes the poignant moments of your wedding day.  We edit each film lovingly over several days, continuing the cinematic theme, and colour grading each shot to create cinematic perfection.


During the day we will record messages from your guests. In the final product, we will intersperse shots from the day with spoken word from the speeches and messages and bind it all together with your chosen music. It’s truly a work of art, and it’s unique to you.



Our Cinematic wedding video comes in two versions, a five minute version for social media and for you to carry round on your phone, and a longer 20 minute  version  supplied on DVD.  You will receive up to 5 copies of your DVD, including one copy in a handsome faux-leather  presentation case.

Cinematic Wedding Video from The Wedding DVD People

Chris & Angela


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